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Breakthrough Session

This is a 120 minute session aimed at equipping you with the clarity, strategy, and mindset shift to tackle your most challenging obstacle.
Best of all it is covered by our Moneyback Guarantee

  • Pre- session activities to guide you in preparing for our session.

  • Post-session activities and tools to assist you on your journey.

  • 21-days message support to guide you on implementing your plan.

  • Private video access to our breakthrough session.

  • 20% discount on any of our programs for 12 months

  • Perfect for those who are determined to discover their personal power and the possibilities that exist for them

Additional Bonuses

  • Weekly Motivational audio sent directly to your inbox (x3 weeks)

  • Win the morning guide with activities 

  • Evening reflection journal 

  • Compilation of must read books & podcasts to help you reach your goal (top 3 for your specific goal)

  • Goal attainment guide 



Covered by our moneyback guarantee

Coach Kyle is confident is his ability to transform your mindset and approach to your challenges, that he offers a moneyback guarantee. ‎‎If you do not feel a sense of renewed clarity, accompanied by a plan and tools to turn your obstacles into opportunity by the end of the 120 minute session, then we will refund the full cost of the session.

What Darrin has to say about his Breakthrough session

Darrin Schenck

  • Vice President of Sales & Marketing

  • Former Pro Racquetball athlete

Schedule your breakthrough session 

Once you have selected a day and time for the session, you will then receive an email with an overview of what to expect and how to best prepare for the session. This email will also include our payment details. 


A renewed approach to life


Kyle Daniels has been of utmost support throughout this journey and continues to be so, his compassion, passion and friendship has been a breath of fresh air throughout this experience. 

Coached Success has opened my eyes and assisted in adjusting my attitude to how I approach, deal and react to trials and tribulations that occur in day to day living.

I highly recommend Coached Success to anyone who is in need of personal, emotional or physical improvements. This support gives you the helping hand you need when in despair.

—  T. Fisher, Teacher

Turning obstacles into opportunities, pain into power, and dreams into reality.

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