Together at the Top

The Champions Zone

The champions zone is a platform designed to fuel you with the motivation, insight and tools needed to realise a life of excellence.

The Champions Zone’s primary purpose is to help you uncover your inner champion so that you are able scale your mountains and move towards the dreams that have been placed on your heart. It is specifically designed for people who want to pursue a life of excellence.

The Champion Zone is made up of four main areas.
1.  Champion Zone Library- where you access the worksheets and activities that will help you elevate your mind and life.
2. Champion Zone Community- a place where members share, ask questions and inspire.
3. Champion Zone Weekly Challenge- focuses on helping you take incremental steps to move towards your envisioned future. 
4. Champion Zone twice Monthly call- Deep dive into the teachings and core tools that have helped some of the most successful people I work with, get the edge. 

What you get as a member of The Champions Zone

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Coach Kyle Daniels

For more than a decade Kyle has been studying human behaviour, the mind, success, and what it truly takes to pursue a life of excellence. After training in Psychology, Kyle immersed himself in the principles of success, leading him – an overweight, depressed, broke, and broken young man from the Cape Flats – to uncover his inner champion.
Since then, Kyle has featured in Men’s Health magazine, has given a TEDx talk on an international stage, and helped countless top athletes, entrepreneurs, actors, and the like with their mental game.
Kyle wants to help you fast track your results and has compiled some of his best work in the Champions Zone so that you too can uncover your inner champion.


Mindset Coaching for soccer players, Testimonials Coached Success

Cole Alexander, Pro footballer

I have been working with Kyle for the past few months, the knowledge and insights that he shared with me has really helped me on and off the field. I really enjoy our sessions and I am absorbing and applying the insights shared. Thank you, Kyle.

Mindset Coaching Testimonial, entrepreneur, coached success

Euston Witbooi, Entrepreneur

My coaching sessions with Kyle were valuable. It focused on the kind of energy you bring into the day and my business. He highlighted that there are daily incremental steps that I can take to get to where I want to be. Kyle coached me in such a way that it eliminated the fear of rejection that I had. This has helped me to reach out more to people in my network and take my venture to the next level. Thank you, Kyle.

Profession Athlete celebrating, Testimonials Coached Success

Reyaad Pieterse, Pro Footballer

Kyle has helped me a lot with my mental strength and helping me find ways to attack any obstacles that are in my way. He has really guided me and has been a light in my moments of challenges. I am grateful to him and highly recommend his mindset coaching.

What people who have worked with Coach Kyle Have to say