Coach Kyle 

Mindset & Performance Coach

Psychology Hon, NLP certified coach


I firmly believe that there is greatness inside each of us just waiting to be unlocked – but the vast majority of us have been conditioned by our failures, hardships & environment to the extent that our vision of what is possible for our lives becomes clouded in doubt and fear. Leading to so many of us merely existing, instead of truly experiencing life, & courageously pursuing who & what we can become. It is my life's calling to awaken the personal power of individuals & guide them to greatness.

I have faced my share of hardships and challenges growing up on the Cape Flats​, where widespread poverty, drug use and the sounds of gunshots are the norms. I have seen how many of my peers became another statistic, succumbing to the social ills plaguing the Cape Flats. This is what initially sparked my interest in human behaviour, as I saw how easy it was to fall victim to the thinking and way of life of the environment we find ourselves in.
The cycle of poverty was literally taking place in front of my eyes, I saw how talented young people made decisions that kept them bound in this nasty cycle.


I swore I would not to fall victim to my environment and become another statistic. I was determined to break the cycle of poverty that has been in my lineage for generations.

My plan was to complete school, go to university, graduate and find a good job that provided me with security and growth within the company.

By the time graduation for my undergrad degree in Psychology arrived, I began to realise that the expectations I had for my life completely being changed by a piece of paper was misguided. I could not find a job and slipped into a depressive state. I was in such a dark place that I couldn’t even get myself to attend my university graduation, even though I had spent years ‘slaving’ and sacrificed countless nights of sleep for this moment.

But as we know life doesn’t always go according to plan.


Embrace challenges with a growth approach

Since I couldn’t find a job, I decided to enrol in post-graduate degree in psychology the following year, with hopes that this would increase my job prospects.
During this time I was introduced to personal development and began spending hundreds of hours listening to the best Personal Development coaches and immersed myself in Personal growth and entrepreneur books. I became obsessed with finding the solutions to the problems I was facing, being educated, ambitious yet not getting the opportunity I need to prove myself.

Abundance starts with your mindset

At this time, I started volunteering as a counsellor at a community organisation dealing with substance abuse. I found myself at the perfect place to develop my counselling skills whilst simultaneously gaining a unique insight into drugs and addiction. It was at this time that I also started my own carpet cleaning business because I realised that opportunities aren’t given, they created.


Things were slowly starting to shift, then I discovered I had been neglecting an important part of myself, my body and health. I know it affected my energy levels, self-esteem and the way I carried myself, so I decided to do something about it. I set a goal, I was going to drop 25kgs and have my weightloss journey published in Men's Health. It was a challenge but within two years I achieved my goal and inspired many others in the process. This led me to co-founded both a women's only fitness Bootcamp and TrailFitSA, a trail running group.

Where most people want to avoid challenges and tough times, I embrace it and always look to grow from it. I am still completely dedicated to consistently performing at my peak so that I can be an example of what truly is possible. I believe every single human on this planet has greatness inside them just waiting to be unlocked, but they need to master themselves - to understand their psychology, develop their mindset and to live in harmony with the principles of life. I have given a Ted talk on this topic in 2019

Today I work with clients all over the globe, many of them elite athletes and entrepreneurs  to help them maximize their potential and experience greater joy and fulfilment.

I am thankful for all of my struggles and challenges as this refined my character and allowed me to discover my passion and understand myself better.

Today I live on the tropical island of Phuket and help people overcome challenges and step into their greatness through my one-on-one coaching, motivational speeches, online programs and my podcast.