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Life Coaching
Coached Success’s Life Coaching programs focuses on enhancing personal growth, mental toughness, and goal achievement.
Our programs are specifically designed for High-Achievers; those pursuing a life of excellence.
Throughout our program, you will learn core frameworks, tools and strategies that empower you to lead a fulfilled, empowered and successful life.

"You Identify where you want to go, and Kyle comes alongside you with the insight, strategies and support to help you get there".

Our life coaching program is modelled on Kyle’s experience in transforming his own life - going from a depressed, broken, overweight man, to a confident leader who has inspired and influenced change in thousands. This program does not only draw from Kyle’s personal experience, but from his studies of the human mind, human behaviour and the science of achievement.  
Kyle holds two degrees in Psychology (honours), is a seasoned entrepreneur and has extensive experience in the counselling industry.



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The Personal power coaching program focuses on the 3 core areas.

1. Self Masteryfocuses on mastering the connection between thought, emotions and behavior. This draws strongly from psychology and neuroscience. The goal teaching you how to direct your action to produce the results and life you desire. 

2. Mastering the principles of life – focuses on the universal principles that govern life, thereby distinguishing between what you can control and what you can't. This section draws heavily on philosophy. You will learn to live in harmony with the ebb and flow of life, and grow through life's challenges. 

3. Performance tools & techniquesTechniques and tools to ensure that you are constantly achieving at the highest level and maximizing your potential. This section is based on both performance psychology, mindset and NLP. 
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