The One Plus, One Minus Challenge is designed to help you remove the habits that no longer serve you while also helping you develop positive habits that will serve you in life. Best of all, it is completely FREE!

We often forget that the core difference between those who are able to achieve their dreams and those that don’t, simply boils down to the daily actions and habits.
All of us fall into patterns of behaviour and do things that hold us back from becoming our highest self. The goal of this challenge is therefore to give you the push needed to add one positive behaviour while also removing one negative behaviour - and you only have to commit to doing this for the next 10 days.
Sounds simple right?

First identify one behaviour or action that you will not do for the next 10 days. This can be no gossiping, it can be no sugar in your coffee, it can be refraining from alcohol or smoking, it can be refraining from mindless scrolling on social media, and so forth. Basically, it can be any behaviour or habit that you know will not help you get to where you want to go in life.
Next, you will identify one behaviour or action that you will do every day for the next 10 days. The behaviour that you select must help you move towards the person that you want to become.
It could be committing to going for a run or walk every day. It could be committing to making coffee for your wife or husband every morning before they wake up. It could be committing to reading a page or chapter of a book. It could be committing to praying every day.
It doesn’t matter what the behaviour or action is, as long as it is positive and moves you towards the person that you want to become.

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10-day challenge coached success testimonials

This program has helped me to recognize and overcome certain insecurities that were holding me back. It helped me to be more focused, showed me how to develop a daily practice to become more energized, and lean into who I want to become.
Thank you Kyle. I appreciate the work you are doing

Testimonials Coached Success

I strongly recommend the 10-day program, it really helps to give you direction.
My favorite part of was the meditation, as it helped me to unplug and destress.
Its an excellent program and I strongly recommend it.

Testimonials Coached Success

I will definitely recommend this program because we all can find 30 minutes to better ourselves.
What I enjoyed most about the program is that there were new activities added each day. This kept it fun and challenging.


I loved the program, and it was especially helpful during the COVID-19 lockdown since it provided a structure for my day and enhanced my level of gratitude..

Yes, the program became more challenging but it was good. 

Testimonials Coached Success

I enjoyed the dancing, and exercise, as well as the journaling.
I've learnt that starting your day on a good note allows you to enter your day with a positive attitude and that pretty much sets the tone for the day. It's also important to plan your day so that you have a goal to drive you. Also there's ALWAYS something to be grateful for!