Watch Kyle's Tedx Talk on Awakening your Greatness

We all have dreams of the life we wish to create. Yet so few of us are turning our dreams into reality, so few of us are tapping into this greatness. Kyle believes that we all have greatness inside just waiting to be uncovered, but that we need to get intentional about manifesting it. He runs a coaching company, Coached Success that helps others create intentional lives. Join Kyle as he shares key principles that he uses to help manifest his dreams. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference form.

Become The Hero of Your Story - The power of mindset

In this video I share a framework for using challenges and personal struggles as a way to recreate your personal narrative and become the hero of your story. One thing that is guaranteed in life is challenges. I am yet to meet a person who hasn't faced any challenges and hardship. In this video I speak about how to grow through challenges instead of simply going through it. I also share some of my own personal struggles that I faced, such as my fear of public speaking, and how to use challenges to become the hero of your story. The video is an interview that I did with Able Wanamakok on her video series called You Are Able.

There are two ways to look at your confidence and start working towards building a strong belief in yourself and your vision. I struggled with confidence for most of my life, all the way to my mid-20s. So yes I know what it is like to have the longing to be firm and love the person that you see in the mirror. Real self-love, confidence, and the belief that you will always find a way and can rely on yourself is something that you have to earn through gaining credibility with yourself. Keep this up and watch how your confidence and belief in yourself shoot through the roof.

How To Develop Confidence in two easy steps